Cloud-Based Training with ZeeHub

Teach Successful Practices
Our Training platform helps Corporate break down information, and deliver it, step-by-step, to the whole system.

This video shows a sample training course in action.

Accountability Built In
Completion history is recorded for each step of every training course. Corporate can always see which items have been completed, by whom, and when.


Ongoing Training and Refreshers
Franchisees and Corporate alike can use the detailed history as a refresher course at any point.

Require User Acknowledgement
The option of requiring acknowledgement when completing steps ensures the message has been received, and materials reviewed.

Attach Documents
Sometimes there is a presentation, PDF document, or set of images that accompany training. These can be attached to any step in each course.


Require Corporate Approval
You can require Corporate users to acknowledge completion of a training course. This allows Corporate to confirm Franchisee compliance.

Coming Soon: Embed Videos
Add your training videos directly into our platform.

Questions or comments?
Shoot us an email:, or click on the "?" at the bottom right of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you.