Much More Than Task Management

Deploy Standards
Our task lists ensure action and accountability. Use tasks to make sure everything is accomplished when opening a new unit, rolling out a new policy, and much more.

Built In Compliance
It's easy to see when a particular task was completed, which makes for great confirmation of compliance with company policy.


Share Best Practices
It's easy to copy lists and assign them across the franchise system. If someone comes up with a great procedure, it can be sent out to the entire company with a few clicks.


Keep Yourself Organized
Franchisees and Corporate can use task lists to manage their daily activities. Add comments to track an item's status, create due dates, and provide instructions for how to complete something. All of these features are designed to make our task lists as useful as possible.

Due Dates, Assignments, Reminders
If you create a due date for a task and assign it to someone, the asignee will receive an e-mail reminder about the task.

This video demo shows how to complete a basic task list.

Questions or comments?
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