Internal Messaging and Collaboration

Stay in the Loop
Our internal messaging system creates an ongoing discussion and support forum for each franchise unit. Corporate and franchise owners can use messages for status updates, support requests, and more.

All Info in One Place
All owners and corporate staff can already acccess each store's information in 1 profile, which makes the perfect place for a collaborative communication center.


User Controlled Notifications
Users choose who receives email notifications for new messages, which reduces spam and ensures the right person always gets the message.


Respond via Email
You can respond from your favorite email platform on any device, and the discussion will be captured within ZeeHub. Simple design makes following these discussion threads very straightforward:


Use Case: Support Requests
Instead of having support requests generated via email, text, phone, Twitter, etc., have franchisees generate them as a ZeeHub message. You can then track exactly what's happening with each request, and have a history of all past requests. Here is a sample:

Questions or comments?
Shoot us an email:, or click on the "?" at the bottom right of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you.