Extraordinary Value

Build your franchise system with tomorrow's problems in mind.

DIY Setup
No Fee
Online guides for getting started
Video training courses
24/7 online support site
Create support tickets 24/7
Need more help? Hire one of our approved partners
HQ + Maintenance
Unlimited corporate users
Unlimited sales users
Unlimited candidates
100 GB library storage
100% of New Features/Upgrades
Lead capture integration
ZeeHub Support
Per Franchise
Save as you grow
$25/unit*/mo up to 50 units
$20/unit*/mo units 51-99
$15/unit*/mo units 100+
Unlimited franchise users
Unlimited staff users
100% available functionality
*Unit defined as franchise license awarded

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build me _____?

No. We are not going to build custom features for each brand. However, if there is a suggestion that makes the product better for all brands, it may become part of the next developed iteration.

How long does setup take?

This depends on how much data a brand wants to import, whether or not the data is organized, how much training is required, etc. In some cases, setup can be completed in a few days. In others, it can take up to 30 days. The more committed a brand is to get started, the faster the process will move.

What is included in the monthly maintenance fee?

This fee includes a lot. You get unlimited corporate users, unlimited sales users, unlimited candidates, Typeform integration, unlimited storage in the library, and ongoing support from us.

For how long am I committed to use ZeeHub?

You are month to month. It's our job to make sure ZeeHub benefits you enough to keep using it - not to contractually oblige you to use it.

Is there an additional cost for other modules?

No. We don't have separate modules to handle specific problems. We have a set of tools that are applied to many problems, and you get the whole set of tools when you sign up. These all work together, so it would not make sense to give you some pieces and not others.

Can ZeeHub integrate with other software platforms?

Yes (in some cases). Some platforms make integration pretty easy. It's impossible on others. In many cases, we prefer integrating with platforms that are very good at something outside of our expertise vs. trying to build the same thing ourselves.

Will my data be secure?

ZeeHub’s physical infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centers and utilize the Amazon Web Service (AWS) technology. Amazon continually manages risk and undergoes recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards. Learn More

Why do you charge per franchise license instead of per user?

If people share user accounts, it's bad for compliance. You can no longer be sure who did what, and when. Charging per user encourages this type of account sharing. Also, Brands benefit from ZeeHub if people actually use it, so putting limits on users limits the impact of ZeeHub over the franchise system. The majority of information and functions are attached to the unit (discussions, metrics, etc.), so it just makes sense.