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ZeeHub is a platform that provides infrastructure for franchisors to grow, operate, and innovate successfully.

Introducing the Next Generation of Franchise Software

Manage your franchise system the easy way with ZeeHub

Communicate Openly & Increase Collaboration

Our internal messaging system creates an ongoing discussion with each franchise unit. Corporate and franchise owners can use messages for status updates, support requests, and much more.


Consistency and Accountability

You spent a lot of time developing system standards and best practices. ZeeHub helps you deliver them to all stores, and get new stores up and running quickly.

ZeeHub delivers checklists and training sessions, and tracks when they are completed. This keeps important items from "falling through the cracks", making rollouts and new franchisee onboarding a breeze.


Your Centralized Data Hub

Forget about reports on spreadsheets or word docs. ZeeHub simplifies data collection and reporting, and provides a clear overview of historical data.

Accessible, digestible, data allows you to make better decisions and understand what's going on in your franchise system.


Manage Company Files in the Cloud

ZeeHub makes it easy for franchisors to share files, and for franchisees to find them. Your files are backed up and stored safely at all times.

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Our clients say:

We were previously using a well known, but very outdated system. ZeeHub is like a breath of fresh air. The technology is easy to use and much more in line with today's systems. The interface is very simple for those who are less tech savvy, but the functionality is there for when you need it. It's like the best of both worlds!
Danielle R.
Assisted Transition
ZeeHub is incredibly user friendly, the simplification of the navigation allows me to focus on what is really important...my data, not the lack of my computers skills!
Angelica S.
Assisted Transition

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